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Organisational Wellbeing

Healthy workplaces are positive and productive. They are environments where people want to come to work because they feel safe and valued and that in turn allows them to perform and flourish.

Simply, wellbeing is the ability to feel good and function effectively as you navigate the inevitable highs and lows of work, which enable you to learn and grow. As workplaces become more diverse, technically connected, fast-paced, and complex, the ability for workers to thrive as they go about their jobs has become difficult.

When your employees have higher levels of wellbeing they are:


More likely to be
more productive


Less likely to burnout


More likely to be
satisfied in their

6 x

More likely to feel engaged

Source: PERMAH Workplace Wellbeing Survey - The Wellbeing Lab

Workplaces that invest in employee wellbeing, and have happy and engaged workers experience, on average:


Fewer safety incidents


Lower turnover,
on average


Higher customer satifaction ratings


Higher shareholder returns

Source: PERMAH Workplace Wellbeing Survey - The Wellbeing Lab

Organisational Wellbeing Audits

The Wellbeing Audit takes 15-mins and is used to understand the wellbeing of your employees as they experience/work through COVID-19. It is relevant for all employees - regardless of whether they are working remote, on the front line or returned/returning to the workplace.


The survey measures various aspects of the employee experience that are key to understanding resilience and areas where people may be more susceptible to burnout. It was developed using the well-known PERMA wellbeing model that incorporates:

  • Positive Emotion

  • Engagement

  • Relationships

  • Meaning

  • Accomplishment

  • Health (additional unit added)


The Audit Report is a valuable tool to understand current issues and our suggestions on how to work through them with evidence-based programs.


The Audit Report will cover: 

  • The current levels of wellbeing for your workers, team and workplace

  • Information knowledge gaps, the efficiency and application of past wellbeing initiatives

  • Feedback on how staff groups prefer to absorb/recieve wellbeing information.

  • Suggested wellbeing streams and knowledge gaps

  • Suggested delivery formats and time-frames

  • Suitable facilitators and industry experts

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