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Gained Weight In Isolation? We've Got Some Tips For You!

Day-to-day living now looks very different for every Australian, so it comes as no surprise that our eating patterns are a little out of whack too. It is important to acknowledge that it’s okay for environmental stressors to affect our eating habits. Similarly, it should be emphasised that foods do not carry moral value. While some foods may have more nutritional value, food is neither ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Whatever foods you are eating to survive these times, congratulate yourself on doing your best, and try not to assign guilt or shame to your diet, it serves no purpose. In saying that, what we choose to eat during these trying times can be beneficial for our health and stress levels. Keeping some sense of routine and normalcy simply by maintaining the healthy diet you were following before lockdown is just one way of doing this. Here are some of Stay Fit';s top healthy habits to try while working from home;

Make a Schedule: time-block your day from breakfast through to dinner, allocating time for work tasks, exercise and meals. Not only will you work more efficiently, but allocating time to working on your health and weight loss goals will help to keep you accountable. Prepare Healthy Snacks: carrot sticks and hummus, apple slices and peanut butter, protein balls and energy bars are all nutritious options to have in the pantry for when you want something small to tide you over to dinner.  Regular Physical Activity: if you had a consistent workout or exercise plan pre COVID-19, try your best to stick to your routine, or use this opportunity to try something new! Whether it’s a YouTube HIIT workout, home yoga or circuit training, the endorphins released during exercise will help to manage your stress levels. Get Your 8 Hours of Sleep: studies suggest an association between sleep deprivation, weight gain and obesity, so all the more reason to hop into bed for an early night! You’ll also notice you have more energy, greater concentration and lower stress levels. Practice Mindfulness: daily meditation can reduce stress, improve attention and help us be more mindful of our food choices. Whether it’s an app (we recommend Headspace or Calm), reading a book or walking outside in nature, take the time to be fully present in an activity you enjoy.