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WEEK#4 - Get Back In The Groove of Running - Warming Down by Shaun Frazer (B.Phty - hon)

Cooling down… what’s all the fuss about?

Like warming up, the evidence isn’t compelling regarding the benefits of a cool down. However, we still feel that it’s an important piece of the puzzle.

In our experience, people tend to report feeling better having cooled down as opposed to doing nothing at all following exercise. It also gives you a chance to reflect on the run and wind down mentally, an added bonus is that stretching generally feels good!

Cool Down Example - see video

An example of exercises we believe make up an effective cooldown program:

All weeks have an active cool-down component in the run except for week 13. For this final week, we recommend that you perform a 5-minute jog following the 30 minutes of running to allow the cooldown to begin.

  1. Start by finding a flat, comfortable, and uncluttered space.

  2. Gastrocnemius stretch (either on the ground or at a wall).

  3. Soleus stretch (either on the ground or at a wall).

  4. Hamstrings stretch.

  5. Gluteal stretch.

  6. Piriformis stretch.

  7. Hip flexors stretch.

  8. Quadriceps stretch.

Getting Back Into The Groove Of Running - Part #4 by Shaun Frazer


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NOTE: Please check-in with a health professional before undertaking any new routines or movements.