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Stay Fit Corporate aligns with organisations who are transcending into the digital world and looking for scientifically-backed programs to continue supporting a flourishing and dynamic workforce.

Business as usual (BAU) is being rapidly redefined as we dive deep into the transition process that truly supports employees to ensure we stay connected, healthy and productive in these uncertain times and beyond.

Companies that are agile and accept this fast-paced changing environment will emerge stronger and more productive.

Working remotely or from home with increased screen time during the working day can mean your employees are likely to be:

  • Battling a new set of “distractions and stresses”


  • Feeling a lack of commitment and drive 

  • Experiencing reduced attention span

  • Feeling disconnection, less creative or less productive

  • Coping with a fusion of work and private life


  • Feeling anxious, uncertain and burn out 


  • Dealing with aches and pains from makeshift workstations at home.

+ Other preventable issue

Our digital programs have been designed in conjunction with global wellbeing experts in the workplace health sector with a focus on our four pillars of wellbeing.


  • Group activities designed to foster connection


  • Workshops facilitating participants engagement & discussion

  • Tailored events designed to bridge gaps in communitcation


  • 1-on-1 Home office Desk Audits


  • Virtual physiotherapist and movement specialist sessions

  • Tailored support for additional needs

    - Pre-existing conditions
    - Pregnancy
    - Injury Rehabilitation


  • Confidential Nutrionist consultations


  • Group education sessions
    - Gut Health
    - Brain Food
    - Digestive health & energy production


  • Healthy cooking workshops and seminars

Mental Health

  • Confidential wellbeing consultations


  • Anonymous wellbeing  check-in tools

  • Workshops Across Various mental health and difficult workplace wellbeing topics

  • Mental health support across all levels

We work with:

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